The submitted papers must be original works of the contributors to Prague Egyptological Studies and cannot be concurrently submitted to any other journal or publication. The authors are solely responsible for obtaining all the copyrights and permissions to publish the material discussed, as well as figures and illustrations.


Submission is not a guarantee of publication. All the papers and reports will be peer-reviewed by two anonymous and independent scholars. After the reviews, authors will be able to make any required changes within a time frame of three weeks.


The authors will furthermore receive one page proof, designated to correct technical and apparent textual mistakes. During page proofs, larger changes and additions in the text are unsuitable and must be always discussed with the editors beforehand. The authors will be asked to return the corrected proofs within two weeks. Time limits are necessary to ensure that PES XXI can be printed by the end of the calendar year, therefore late changes and proofs cannot be accepted.


The language of PES XXI is English and all papers will undergo language proofs after acceptance in the review process. Nevertheless, for non-native English speakers, it is recommended to ensure that your submission is of a suitable standard prior to submission.



Manuscripts should be submitted to




Named as: “surname of the author_text” (Jones_text)

Text editor: MS Word, version 6.0 and higher (= format .DOC or .DOCX)

Typeface: Times New Roman, size 12 pt.

Paragraph: Line spacing: 1.5

Alignment: left

Indent: 0


Every contribution must contain:


Name and surname of the author


E-mail address

Abstract and ca. 5 keywords


The first paragraph shall serve as the introduction to the topic and shall be printed in bold. We recommend not beginning with sub-headings (e.g. Introduction). Do not use indentation for the first paragraph.

The beginning of the following paragraphs indent with Tab.




An empty line before and after the subheading. Use neither highlighting, nor numbering.


Footnotes can be inserted into the text using the function References à Insert footnote.

Typeface: Times New Roman, size 10 pt.

Paragraph: Line spacing: 1

Alignment: left

Indent: 0


All unusual signs must be inserted using keyboard shortcuts (see below).

For transliteration use fonts Translit, or Trlit. If you use any different font, it is necessary to send it to us with your text.

Use English quotation marks “ and ” for quotations.



  1. Use ca., NOT c. or circa. It should be italicised.
  2. e.g.” and “i.e.” should be italicised and not followed by a comma.
  3. Use BC and AD (no punctuation).
  4. Use e.g. Third Dynasty, Third Millennium BC, King Nyuserre.
  5. Leading zero before measurements and numbers that are less than 1, thus 0.56 rather than .56, and so on.





Submit separately in the following formats:

Line artworks: .TIFF format, resolution 1200 dpi. Format .AI is acceptable as well.

Photographs: .TIFF format, resolution 400 dpi. If there is no .tiff, it is possible to provide us with a .JPG file.

Only photographs with resolved copyrights will be published. It is not possible to publish figures downloaded from the internet, or scanned pictures from publications without author´s consent.


Figures named as: “surname_fig (number of the figure)” (Jones_fig1).

Amount of figures: one is minimum, maximum is the amount of standard pages divided by two. If you need to publish more figures, contact our executive editors. It will be possible to publish select photos in colour on separate plates – if you would like to have some figures printed in colour, contact the executive editors and name the figure as: Jones_fig1_colour.

The first picture should be in landscape ratio, as it will serve as a heading photo (see for published works).



Tables in MS Excel (= format .XLS or .XLSX), without any formatting.


Captions for figures, tables and charts:

Named as: “Surname_captions” (Jones_captions)

Each caption: “Fig. (number of the picture) text (photo/drawing author)”


Fig. 1 Mortuary temple of Sahure (photo M. Frouz)


Captions for tables must be in the same file and in the same format.


Tab. 1 List of officials


Keyboard shortcuts


Sign Keyboard shortcut Sign Keyboard shortcut Sign Keyboard shortcut Sign Keyboard shortcut
$ Alt + 036 Å A$ ł Alt + 0179 Ü Alt + 0220
^ Alt + 094 Å a$ Ľ Alt + 0188 ü Alt + 0252
Alt + 0135 À A% ľ Alt + 0190 Û U^
« Alt + 0171 À a% Ĺ Alt + 0197 û u^
~ Alt + 0126 Ć Alt + 0198 ĺ Alt + 0229 Ū U‡
˘ Alt + 0162 Ć Alt + 0230 Ļ L$ ū u‡
¦ Alt + 0166 Ç Alt + 0199 ļ l$ Ų
® Alt + 0174 Ç Alt + 0231 Ń Alt + 0209 ų «
Alt + 0146 Đ Alt + 0208 ń Alt + 0241 Ŭ
Alt + 0150


đ Alt + 0240 Ñ N~ ŭ
° Alt + 0176


È E% ñ n~ Ÿ Y$
´ Alt + 0180


è e% Ņ N$ Ź Alt + 0143
˝ Alt + 0189


Ē E‡ ņ n$ ź Alt + 0159
Alt + 0132 ē e‡ Ô Alt + 0212 Ż Alt + 0175
Alt + 0147 Ę Alt + 0202 ô Alt + 0244 ż Alt + 0191
Alt + 0134


ę Alt + 0234 Ő Alt + 0213
@ Alt + 064 Ë Alt + 0203 ő Alt + 245
[ Alt + 091 ë Alt + 0235 Ö Alt + 0214
] Alt + 093 Ė E$ ö Alt + 0246
× Alt + 0215


ė e$ Õ O~
Alt + 0133 Ê E^ õ o~
{ Alt + 0123 ê e^ Ò O%
} Alt + 0125 Ğ ò o%
| Alt + 0124

absolute value

ğ Ø
Alt + 0137 Ġ G$ ø
÷ Alt + 0247 ġ G$ Ō O‡
© Alt + 0169 ħ h‡ ō o‡
± Alt + 0177 Î Alt + 0206 Ŏ
» Alt + 0187 î Alt + 0238 ŏ
ß Alt + 0223 Ï I$ Ŕ Alt + 0192
à A~ ï i$ ŕ Alt + 0224
à a~ Ī I‡ Ś Alt + 0140
Ā A‡ ī i‡ ś Alt + 0156
Ā a‡ Ì I% Ş Alt + 0170
Ą Alt + 0165 ì i% ş Alt + 0186
Ą Alt + 0185 İ I^ Ţ Alt + 0222
 Alt + 0194 ı i^ ţ Alt + 0254
 Alt + 0226 Į Ù U%
Ă Alt + 0195 į ù u%
Ă Alt + 0227 Ķ K$ Ů Alt + 0217
Ä Alt + 0196 ķ k$ Ű Alt + 0219
Æ Ł Alt + 0163 ű Alt + 0251


Illustrative Examples of Standard License Agreements (the final agreement intended for signing shall always be provided by the editorial board):

​Czech Version
​English Version
​License agreement, license granted free of charge
  lic_nezam_bezupl_v10_CZ.docx​ lic_nezam_bezupl_v10_EN.docx
​​License agreement, license granted in exchange for a license fee
lic_nezam_upl_v10_CZ.docx lic_nezam_upl_v10_EN.docx
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