2022 (28)

Issued: 09 / 2022
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 1801-3899
156 pages
Peer‑reviewed studies
The large Late Period shaft tombs at Abusir – continuity and change (a case study)
Ladislav Bareš, p. 7-27
Anthropological evaluation of Old Kingdom human burials from the pyramid field of Abusir
Petra Brukner Havelková – Veronika Dulíková – Šárka Bejdová – Petr Velemínský – Miroslav Bárta, p. 28-81
Evidence for local roots of the owners of the First Dynasty elite tombs at Abu Rawash
Marinus Ormeling, p. 82-121
The unusual writings of the name of the god Duamutef in the First Intermediate Period and the Middle Kingdom
Illia Semenenko – Dinara Hereikhanova, p. 122-150
Book‑reviewed preliminary report
Monnier, Franck: 2017 L’ ère des Géants. Une description détaillée des grandes pyramides d’Égypte, Paris: Editions De Boccard, 272 pages.
Jaromír Krejčí, p. 153-156
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