2019 (23)

Issued: 12 / 2019
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
Language: english / ISSN: 1801-3899
172 pages


Marie Peterková Hlouchová, p. 4
One hundred years of teaching Egyptology in Czech
Ladislav Bareš, p. 5-11
Exploration of the pyramid complex of King Djedkare: season 2018
Mohamed Megahed – Peter Jánosi – Hana Vymazalová, p. 12-36
The tomb of Khuwy at Djedkare’s royal cemetery at South Saqqara. Preliminary report on the 2019 spring season
Mohamed Megahed – Hana Vymazalová, p. 37-48
A new tomb of transitional type from Abusir South: mastaba of Nyankhseshat (AS 104)
Martin Odler – Marie Peterková Hlouchová – Petra Havelková – Zdeňka Sůvová – Katarína Arias Kytnarová – Lucie Jirásková – Vladimír Brůna, p. 49-82
A report on the excavation of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in the sacred animal necropolis at the Bubasteion in Saqqara
Mostafa Waziri – Mohammad M. Youssef, p. 83-91
Women’s work in the Early Dynastic Period
Susan Kelly, p. 92-105
Mastaba S3038 at Saqqara: a new perspective on old data
Marinus Ormeling, p. 106-124
Some notes on the female ka-servant in the Old Kingdom
Raúl Sánchez Casado, p. 125-131
Functional copper objects and models in funerary context during the Early Dynastic Period
Bastien Ségalas, p. 132-151
Some remarks about the dating of 12 Old Kingdom tombs at Giza
Simon Thuault, p. 152-169
Roeten, Leo: 2018 Loaves, Beds, Plants and Osiris. Considerations about the emergence of the Cult of Osiris, Oxford: Archaeopress
Marie Peterková Hlouchová – Jiří Janák – Veronika Dulíková, p. 170-172
Between Prague and Cairo. 100 years of Czech Egyptology
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