2015 (15)

Issued: 12 / 2015
Publisher: Faculty of Arts Press
ISSN: 1801-3899
92 pages
Burial shafts and chambers of Nefer and Neferhathor in tomb AS 68d. A comparative evaluation of the ceramic finds
(Katarína Arias Kytnarová), p. 3-14
Tomb of the chief physician Shepseskafankh
(Miroslav Bárta), p. 15-27
Archaeological excavation of the mastaba of Queen Khentkaus III (tomb AC 30) in Abusir
(Jaromír Krejčí, Katarína Arias Kytnarová, Martin Odler), p. 28-42
Exploration of the burial apartments in tomb complex AS 68. Preliminary report of the 2013 fall season
(Hana Vymazalová), p. 43-58
Ritual tradition and transfer between shape and meaning – model beer jars in stone and pottery
(Katarína Arias Kytnarová, Lucie Jirásková), p. 59-68
A burial with a stamp seal depicting a Bes-like figure from Abusir
(Veronika Dulíková, Martin Odler, Helena Březinová, Petra Havelková), p. 69-75
Damage and repair of the Old Kingdom canopic jars – the case at Abusir
(Lucie Jirásková), p. 76-85
The miraculous rise of the Fifth Dynasty – the story of Papyrus Westcar and historical evidence
(Miroslav Verner), p. 86-92


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