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Prague Egyptological Studies is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal produced biannually by the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts at the Charles University. The Czech version of the journal is published regularly since 2002 and informs the Czech and Slovak audience about the current research in Egypt and Sudan.

Starting in 2015, an English edition focusing on the Third Millennium BC, has been published annually. The English edition of the journal concentrates on studies in the history, archaeology, architecture, religion, language and art of the Third Millennium BC Egypt, with the hope of becoming one of the key scholarly journals for this period. In addition to the main archaeological emphasis, we also welcome primary studies focusing on the wider interdisciplinary scope of Egyptology, such as North-African environmental archaeology, archaeozoology and archaeobotany, as well as new research in applied sciences. From 2017, the journal shall also include book reviews concerning recently published monographs in the above-mentioned fields.

The English edition of the journal shall focus on publishing relevant excavation reports and, at the same time, will aim to publish excellent, primary-research studies focusing on selected problems connected with archaeology and interdisciplinary aspects of the Third Millennium BC Egypt. The first English edition was published in 2015 (no. XV), followed by the second one in 2016 (no. XVII). The third English edition is planned for year 2017 (no. XIX).

In 2016, the journal was enhanced from the point of its graphic forms and equipped with a limited amount of colour plates in order to publish select photos and visualisations whose value would be lost in black-and-white colour.

On the scientific platform www.academia.edu, a profile of Prague Egyptological Studies was created to promote the journal in the scholarly community. Since its establishment, it held top 0.1–0.5% readership and belongs among the most viewed profiles on this platform.

Since 2015 Prague Egyptological Studies is an Open Access journal with online content freely available to the readers under the CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 licence.

No fees are charged for the manuscript submission, processing, and publication.

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